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Working from the Adirondacks

by Brooks Reynolds on September 10, 2020
Working from the Adirondacks

Like a lot of other vacation towns, the Adirondack housing market is booming during the coronavirus pandemic. As remote work has freed many of their daily commute, people are increasingly realizing that they can live farther from what used to be the office.

Families are ditching their city dwellings in favor of more space and recreation. They’re capitalizing on the opportunity to move their families to an area where they can enjoy the outdoors and all that the Adirondack Mountains have to offer.

With high-speed WiFi and spectacular view, it’s easy to see why. Imagine this being your Work From Home view!

The Adirondacks, and Lake Placid, have long been known as an outdoorsy paradise. With great skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, boating, and paddling it draws 12.4 million visitors annually, according to the Adirondack Council.

In addition to all of the outdoor recreation, there are also great restaurants, museums, and a budding cultural scene. Lake Placid is home to one of the largest and most exciting performing arts centers in upstate New York, the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

A transplant myself, I understand the concerns of relocating and will be dedicated to welcoming you to the community and targeting your search. Interested in learning more or ready to get started with the process? Give me a call today, (518) 418 – 7747.

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